Keeping Customers Satisfied

One of the main benefits of Avalon’s MoldWatcher Vision Solution is the ability to keep your customers satisfied.

How do we do this? It’s really simple.

  1. By using MoldWatcher you are ensuring no bad parts are sent to the consumer. If MoldWatcher detects bad parts, the molding process is stopped, and by using our powerful ProcessRx documentation system, you will be able to review data and the image database to see exactly where the process went wrong in order to accurately fix the problem.
  2. We help ensure on-time deliveries by discovering issues before they occur. When your mold is crunched due to a stuck part, core pin, ejector, etc. this can mean a substantial downtime as the mold is repaired. With MoldWatcher, these issues are discovered prior to damaging the mold so that any issues can be corrected before the pricey damage occurs.
  3. By implementing the MoldWatcher solution into your molding process you are giving your customers peace of mind and showing that you care about the product they have you produce. Having a MoldWatcher system in your facility during your sales pitch period is a great incentive for potential customers to use your molding facility.

At Avalon Vision, we are fully committed to the success of our users and offer lifetime support and updates on all of our systems.

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