MoldWatcher and Automotive Manufacturing

Avalon Vision Solutions advanced mold vision protection is essential to all automotive plastic manufacturers. Satisfy your customers with on-time shipping and protection of your expensive mold.

Insert Verification- 

MoldWatcher is used to verify the position of metal inserts in the mold prior to mold closing. If inserts are not properly placed or missing, then considerable downtime occurs due to mold damage or excessive plastic shot into the mold. 

Lifter (Core) Position –

When ejector pins jam or break and lifters are left out of position prior to mold closing damage to the mating surface of the mold in inevitable.  My times this is expensive and very down time consuming when the damage surface is polished or textured. MoldWatcher can detect relatively small deviations in lifter position. 

Part Removal Verification-

MoldWatcher typically is used to detect two images per cycle for both presence and absence of the part on the moving surface of the mold.  This is done using non-contact machine vision technology so that prevention occurs prior to mold closing.

Non-Fills (Short Shots)-

Parts that are not 100% filled cause quality defects and many times errors in down stream assembly.  Since these issues usually occur at the same place (farthest away from the injection), MoldWatcher can be configured with multiple cameras to detect critical areas. 

Example Application With ProcessRx –

A medium sized Tier I supplier to the one of the big three US automotive companies was able to stop Charge Backs and Corrective Action Requests by implementing ProcessRX™ into their Quality Station inspection stations performing Sequencing. Inspection stations with ProcessRX™ kept track of each final assembly by serial number and were able to print PDF reports showing the product had left their plant fully assembled with no further damage. The actual PDF image reports of the final product were reviewed by the customer and all disputes were immediately settled. This was an incredible cost savings.