Avalon Vision Solutions


Avalon’s MoldWatcher™ system, featuring our patented Near-IR lighting, will detect the presence and absence of parts, inserts, broken cores, and lifters. It alerts operators, and stops the press before any hazardous force can be put on the mold using non-contact vision technology.


ThermalWatch is a complete Infrared Camera machine vision system with all components needed to interface and setup on processes or equipment. It can be installed and running within a few hours. The system can be used to measure and verify temperatures in many manufacturing processes.

Quality Station

Whether integrated with existing material handling and control equipment for in-process inspections, or used manually for statistical sampling, our high-end, custom QualityStation™ will streamline the manufacturing process.

About Our Company

We've been the leading vision experts for over 30 years

Since 1991, Avalon has implemented more than 4,500 machine vision solutions throughout the World of manufacturing. The product lines are available to be used by operators in 14 languages and are globally serviced with Avalon’s distributors in the various regions.

  • Turnkey solutions. No integrator needed.
  • 2-3 week lead time.
  • Created specifically for the injection molding & die cast industries.
  • Always there for our customers.
  • Easy to use solutions.
  • We work hard to save your company money.
  • Personalized for Your Application.
  • Professional Training.
  • Available globally and in 14 languages.
  • Customizable toolbar in user interface.
  • "Lights-Out" Automation.
  • Trusted by industry leaders.
  • Dependable products that are lifetime supported.

What we do


Our solutions are complete and out-of-the-box ready to use. Just complete our online contact form or call 770.944.8445 to speak with us, and we will get back with a budgetary quote promptly. After purchasing, it’s as easy as setting up a time to have our engineer install and train the employees. Once installed, our solution will give you peace of mind that your mold is protected.

Lifetime Support

There for you

All of our solutions are supported for the lifetime of the system.

Expert Engineers

Professional and dependable

Our engineers are professionally trained and educated.

OUR Solutions

WE provide premium vision solutions

Avalon Vision Solutions mold vision systems offer advanced technology to eliminate unscheduled downtown, tooling damage, and missed deliveries. From our flagship MoldWatcher™ to our high end QualityStation™ you can feel assured that your mold and product are inspected with easy to use systems that will fit your application needs.



Customer Satisfaction 99.9%
Installed Solutions 4500+


We are there for you.

First and foremost, there is no other vision company that does what we do. We are the only fully integrated, turnkey solution specific to the injection molding and die casting industries. We have over 30 years of trusted experience and expert knowledge to ensure your mold is protected.


Avalon is available worldwide

Avalon’s vision solutions are available globally through our accomplished distributors that have specific knowledge of the injection mold industries. Are you located outside of the United States? Find your distributor by CLICKING HERE.