MoldWatcher and Medical Plastics Manufacturing

Plastic parts for medical uses typically involve very detailed molds that can be easily damaged. Removal can be difficult due to tiny core pins and non-fills can occur. MoldWatcher prevents damage before it occurs and insures that manufacturing process continues running smoothly. MoldWatcher mold vision inspection in the medical plastics manufacturing sector is an essential component of the molding process.

Part Removal Verification-

MoldWatcher typically is used to detect two images per cycle for both presence and absence of the part on the moving surface of the mold.  This is done using non-contact machine vision technology so that prevention occurs prior to mold closing.

Non-Fills (Short Shots)-

Parts that are not 100% filled cause quality defects and many times errors in downstream assembly.  Since these issues usually occur at the same place (farthest away from the injection), MoldWatcher can be configured with multiple cameras to detect critical areas. 

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