3 Reasons to Invest in Vision Mold Protection

Vision mold protection is a valuable addition to the molding process that is often underutilized due to the misconception that it is too expensive, complicated, or not understanding how it can work for an application. Although there are many reasons everyinjection and die-cast machine should have a vision system implemented into their molding process, we’re providing three reasons you should invest in vision mold protection today.

1. Stop crunching molds to prevent down time.

Avalon’s powerful vision system uses one or more cameras and a patented near infrared light to capture the image of your mold and parts during various stages in the molding process to ensure that parts and inserts are present or absent and that ejectors, cores, and slide are all in their proper position. If an error occurs, the molding cycle is stopped until the failure is corrected and then the cycle begins again. This prevents tooling damage and saves the company money and time.

2. Ensure quality parts.

A damaged mold can produce poor quality parts and before an employee can even recognize the issue you may have a pile of imperfect parts. When using Avalon’s ProcessRx, you can track where in the process the issue began by viewing the actual image and use the cycle events to measure the results.

3. Most importantly – you will ensure customer satisfaction.

With the winning combination of saving time and ensuring quality parts you are – most importantly – keeping your customer satisfied. With the added assurance of Avalon’s MoldWatcher with ProcessRx, you stay on schedule and have the peace of mind that the parts you are providing to your customer are not damaged. We all know a happy customer continues to do business with you and can lead to referrals for more business for you.

Vision mold protection can be used on nearly all molding applications. With MoldWatcher – you get the only complete vision solution in the industry. Our system has a fast lead time, is easy to install, and is the best solution for your application.

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